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Our business principles are built around the Tread Lightly movement to emphasize responsible motorized recreation into the Great Malaysian Outdoors. We believe that sustainable tourism is the only way to preserve and cultivate the invaluable treasure that is our Rainforests and also cultural ways of living which are quickly vanishing in the name of development and modernization.

Among other things, Malayan Safaris has consciously structured its adventures to bring forth the beauty of its local culture, heritage, landscape and sensibilities – or what we prefer to call “The Heart of Malaya”. We would like locals as well as foreigners to REDISCOVER the grandeur of this country without being a tourist. We do not conduct tours – we offer the EXPERIENCE of Malaysia.

To ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy these experiences, we are currently structuring sustainable outdoor programs which will work directly with local communities. This will give them a step into local tourism industry as well as provide them with another means of livelihood. For the environment, it also means pioneering sustainable tourism practices in Malaysia – the first of its kind to go direct to the source, unlike other mega "sustainable" tourism projects in this country.
We also believe that sustainable business practices should put their money where their mouth is. 1% For The Planet is a non-profit organization in which businesses all over the world contribute 1% of their total revenue to environmentally conscious programs globally. We recognize that ALL governments are impotent of doing what is required on the scale that is needed to protect our natural heritage.

Businesses today are a powerful force for change and we are the only ones who can make a significant difference in the way our planet is kept clean, renewable and alive. Private businesses however small, if they are a united front, can change the future of this planet.

Click on the links Tread Lightly and 1% For The Planet to know more.
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