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Langkawi Travel Bubble

Before your travel

Fully vaccination certificate
Insurance for non Malaysians
Negative PCR 48hrs before your departure
Travel package by a MOTAC certified agency
Exit flight out of Malaysia for non residents
Download Mysejahtera and complete entry travel form
Do your first PCR if you transit via Kuala Lumpur

During your stay

Do your first PCR express if you transit via Singapore
You may visit any other domestic destination after day 5 if you have the booster shot (after day 8 if you have 2 doses)
You may stay 3-7 days if you don’t wish to visit any other local destination
(see our FAQ below)

NEW SOP 16th Feb: 5D4Nights ONLY for people with the 3rd shot/booster

Packages for 2-dose vaccinated people

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All you need to know about Langkawi Travel Bubble

Fully vaccinated travellers, that have received additionally their booster or 3rd shot, can enjoy a reduced stay of 5 Days 4 Nights. Children travelling along with boostered vaccinated parents are allowed. 
If one adult from the travelling group has not received the booster, the original program of 8 days & 7 nights still applies (to be able to travel locally to Malaysia).

From March 3rd onwards the daily testing has been removed. You will only need 2 PCRS (see the test FAQ question)

Yes, every tourist must engage a tour operator/ travel agent in Malaysia that is registered and licensed with MOTAC.

Free Independent Traveller is NOT allowed.

You may check our MOTAC license in this link with our license number 4824.

No, the whole island is considered a bubble. However, you must inform your assigned tour guide should you visit a different part of the island 

NEW Guidelines effective March 3rd onwards:

Daily testing has been removed, the only tests are the following ones:

Predeparture: PCR within 48 hrs of your local departure time
Day 1 – PCR (at KLIA during transit, or in Langkawi with Scoot direct flight)
Day 8 – Ok to travel to west Malaysia.

NEW SOP for booster vaccinated people:

Predeparture: PCR within 48 hrs of your local departure time
Day 1 – PCR (at KLIA during transit, or in Langkawi with Scoot direct flight)
Day 5 – Ok to travel to west Malaysia.

Yes, however you must stay in Langkawi first a total of 8 days and 7 nights (5 days and 4 nights for people with booster vaccination).

Additional requirements apply to Sabah and Sarawak regions: 
– Sarawak: You need to apply permission before going to Sarawak.
You may find more info on this link. You will need a PCR 2 days before you enter Sarawak, but if you go right after Langkawi, your day 7 PCR will be valid.

– Sabah: You need permission to enter Sabah. You may find more info on this link (in Bahasa only).

Yes, all foreign travellers are required to have insurance for their whole stay in Malaysia (not just Langkawi). It has to cover Covid-19 with a mininum of 50.000 USD (previously 80K).

Malaysian passport holders are exempted and they do not require insurance.

You may check with this local insurer: Tuneprotect (you have to opt for the premium package to fulfil the minimum coverage)

Yes, all adults must be fully vaccinated. This is the list of the vaccines approved by the Malaysian government:

Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNTech)
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
Covishield (Oxford-AstraZeneca)
CoronaVac (Sinovac)
Convidecia (CanSino)
Covilo (Sinopham)
Spikevax (Moderna)
Sputnik V (Gam-COVID-Vac)

Kids are exempted with their fully vaccinated parents.

Yes, kids under the age of 12 are not obliged to be fully vaccinated, but they must travel with their vaccinated parent guardians.

We will provide you with a step by step guide for everything you need to print out before your travel to Malaysia.

Namely the most important ones would be the PCRs you need before and during your travel, your flight details to Langkawi, and the minimum insurance required if you are a foreign traveller.

No, a day tour for your Langkawi Travel bubble is not mandatory.
However, if you wished to visit any tourist attractions (such as Langkawi Cable Car, Kilim Geoforest, etc…), it must be included with your package.

If you just wish to roam around the island, beaches, restaurants… there is no need to hire a tour.

Our packages already include accommodation, alongside with the necessary transport and guide to/from the airport and tests facilities.

Rest assured, we have long term contracts with all the hotels we offer, so the price of the hotel is the same or below as online portals such as booking.com or Agoda.

It will depend on your passport and nationality. Same immigration rules apply as before covid. For example if you were exempted for visa before and could stay 90 days, you will be able to do so now as well.

You may quickly check on this site in a visual way, however please double check with your embassy to confirm 100% as the information above could be outdated.

Neither Malaysians nor foreigners need to apply to MTP to visit Langkawi Travel Bubble.

Currently there are 2 different ways to arrive to Langkawi:

– Via Kuala Lumpur: Your main flight will arrive at KLIA 1 with a major airline: Malaysia Airlines, Qatar, KLM… From there, the last part of your travel will be a domestic flight to Kuala Lumpur.
In this case, you have to do a PCR test at KLIA, so we advise to have at least 5 hours of stopover.
Your domestic flight has to depart from KLIA 1 to Langkawi (NO AirAsia), and ideally it has to be under the same booking as the flight origin so your luggage is checked-in all the way.

– Via Singapore: Your main flight will be handled with Singapore airlines, having the last part of the trip handled with a Scoot Airlines flight to Langkawi.
This Scoot flight is considered an international arrival to Langkawi, so your PCR upon arrival to Malaysia will be done in Langkawi, before you go to your hotel.

Before your travel:
We would try to cancel all services without any cost incurred, however if the date is too near the hotel might impose cancellation fees (in this case is where the insurance takes over to cover the costs)

During your travel:
Based on your health conditions, the ministry of Health in Malaysia will determine if you need to quarantine in a hospital or stay in your hotel room to quarantine.
All the hotels we work with have a few rooms allocated to quarantine, which is another reason why we offer accommodation in our packages.

Yes, as long as your PCRs show a negative test result you may travel.

Recently the Malaysian government has announced that fully vaccinated people who recently recovered from Covid wouldn’t need to do quarantine. But that only applies to Malaysian residents arriving outside the Langkawi Travel Bubble.

For the bubble however, you may do an Antigen test instead of a PCR upon your arrival (you will need proof of recent recovery and fit to travel letter from a doctor)

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